How to install your TYDOM 1.0 box?

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How to connect the TYDOM 1.0 box to your Internet box?

Contents of the pack :

  • 1 power lead
  • 1 TYDOM 1.0 box
  • 1 RJ45 cable to connect to the internet box

The first step is to connect the RJ45 cable between the TYDOM 1.0 box and one of your internet box Ethernet port. Your Ethernet cable must be connected to your internet box before the TYDOM 1.0 one. Indeed, each time, the TYDOM 1.0 box is turned on; the box will search if an update is available.

Once connected, the TYDOM 1.0 box will start to flash with different colors then stops on the green color.


How to download and install the TYDOM App?

Once the TYDOM 1.0 box is connected to you internet box, you will have to download the « TYDOM » App.

The App is available on AppStore and on Google play.

When you type TYDOM in the search bar, several apps related to DELTA DORE will appear.

Select the app named « TYDOM ». On Appstore, click on « OBTAIN » then « DOWNLOAD ».

Since February, the TYDOM app has evolved. A new « programmation » function is now available. You can create your own scenarios, according to your way of living. For every day, choose one or more connected devices to activate and choose the delay time.

Ex : Heating rising at 6.30 am
Roller shutters opening at 7 am

Each device is representated by a color which allow you to have an overview of you weekly programmation.

You will win in comfort, without any afforts.

The new app is now available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

When you download the app, remember to restart your TYDOM 1.0 box.


How to connect the TYDOM 1.0 box with your cellphone or your digital tablet?

  • Open the App TYDOM.
  • Below the fill in « username », indicate the last 6 MAC code characters
  • Click on « connexion ». The « Unknown application server» message will appear
  • Click on « Agreed ». Now you are allow to assign a password. Type your password one time, then a second time.
  • To finish, click on « Validate ».
  • Now you can use the TYDOM App.
  • .

At the same time, you can note that the TYDOM 1.0 green light is flashing. The user is now connected.

How to test the distant connexion?

You check the distant connexion, turn off your Smartphones or tablet Wi-Fi. You will see that the App is still active which means that now you use the 3G or 4G connexion.

You will find the TYDOM 1.0 box on our website under the reference 656220. You will also find the other equiments the relative to the TYDOM 1.0 : Receptor to radio control an auxiliary light, Receiver for motorized rollerPack TYBOX 5100 connected

Compatibility between TYDOM 1.0 and the room thermostats DELTA DORE

The room thermostats below are compatible with TYDOM 1.0.

TYBOX 4110
TYBOX 4150
TYBOX 4210
TYBOX 4250
TYBOX 4100
TYBOX 5100
TYBOX 5150
RF 4800
RF 6600 FP
TYBOX 137 + RF640
TYBOX 237 + RF640
TYBOX 337 + RF640

Attention, the first TYBOX and TYXIA generations models may not be compatible.

To check if your thermostat is compatible with TYDOM 1.0, please contact us

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