How to install a mixing faucet?

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Why should I install a mixing faucet?  

  • For more comfort
  • Because it is easy to set
  • To save water
  • Because your actual faucet is defective

It is important to be sure that your faucet is approved by the French norm, the ACS for sanitary compliance and the ECAU for flow, comfort, acoustic and wear.


Required tools:

  • Open-end wrenches
  • A slotted socket spanner
  • A flat screwdriver
  • A basin
  • A wipe
  • A pen
  • A headlamp


Follow the steps: 

  • Shut off water intake then open your faucets to the residual water outflow.
  • Remember to open the faucets at the floor in order to prevent potential water backflow during the dismounting process.
  • Find the hot water hose.
  • Dismount the flexible hoses.
  • Dismount the maintenance flange while holding the faucet to prevent it from falling.
  • Remove the ancient faucet.
  • Screw on the flexible hoses by hand.
  • Screw on the fixation rod.
  • Then install the gasket.
  • Do not forget to clean your support before fixing the mixing faucet.
  • Position your mixing faucet. Tighten the maintenance flange with the other gasket thanks to the nut.
  • Check the position before definitively tightening.
  • If you have a stainless sink, a black prop is provided to prevent the sink from being distorted when tightening.
  • Connect the flexible hoses with incorporated gaskets then open with caution the water valve.
  • Check the connections. If there are no leaks, your installation is done.


Controlling the operation of your mixing faucet:

To facilitate water savings, your mixing faucet has a notch that indicates the passage between low flow and high flow.

There is also a notch to indicate the median position between hot and cold water to facilitate the setting.

And remember to check the aerator for you future maintenance operations.

If you need to change them, we have flow limiters that can contribute to make savings.


Which product is shown in this video?  

It is the sink mixing faucet CC ‘PLUS’ with chrome-plated spout AQUANOVA PLUS that you can find on the website of Expert by Net® with the code 99503


The musts of this product:

  • The French norm NF,
  • The French norm ECAU related to flow, comfort, acoustic and wear.
  • The ACS agreement on sanitary compliance.
  • The CSTBAT agreement.
  • Flexible hoses with incorporated gaskets
  • Economic with the hot/cold and small/high flow markers

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